Friends are great, to have people around who love you, people who you can tell all the crap in the world to…lol, yeah all the crap in the world. People who you can share your joy and sorrow with. People who you can cry your heart out to, people you can show your ugliest secrets to, people apart from your family, age and gender regardless.

I am blessed to have friends like that around me, u know, one confides in me more than the other, the other i confide in and vice versa. i am happy to be a confidante for all my friends cos they are there for me as well. What would i do without them.

I have come to realize classes of friends in my experience with people.I believe friendship should not be selfish, you know there are some people who will not want you to be friends with anyone else, i call them “jealous pests“. Those kind are unbearable, they usually are very dictating and want to order you life.

There is this other class of friends which i call “push me no go“. These, man, are parasites, they cling unto you like a worm on fish hook and want to know your every move. They do not care if you want out of the friendship, as far as they are concerned you are friends for life.

Then there are what I call “self arrangements“. These ones actually do the befriending, it doesnt really matter if u dont want to be their friend, your opinion doesnt really matter, so far as they have chosen you it’s ok.

The “browners” is what i call the friends who disappoint as a specialty. They are always apologizing for one thing or the other. You both set a date to meet and hang out and the next minute they call and tell you they cant make it. The most annoying part is when you are supposed to meet up with them, you give them a call that you are on your way and they go like “oh!…uh… we were supposed to meet today huh?” (imagine that!)

There are friends who are also there just to make you feel guilty about E-V-E-R-Y–S-I-N-G-L-E–T-H-I-N-G you do or say to them. You make a joke and they are offended, you don’t call- they are offended, you sleep without saying gudnyte- they are offended, you look at their face without smiling- they are offended. You get a call from your Dad and you dont let them say hello-they are offended, saying hi to someone else first in their presence before speaking to them-they are offended. Ebei! asem i call them “Every-little-thing-that-u-do

There are the cry babies, those friends who do their best to turn you into a waste management company. They make an effort to heap all their problems on you, every little problem they get(as little as a broken fingernail), they come running to you crying like the world is coming to an end. I call them “victim wannabes” (absolutely)

And finally, what i call my ideal friend. These friends are not jus cuul, they are the craziest beings ever to be created on planet earth. these friends know when to make you cry your eyes out; out of laughter, they know when to be serious when you are serious, they know the freshest movies, are technology fanatics, game fanatics, movie fanatics, music fanatics, Jesus freaks…(i cud go on and on), it’s like they were created with the same timetable you have in your head( cuul huh?). they always have time for you no matter how busy they are. And most importantly you know they will be there forever.

Poured my heart(and brains) out
peace out 😉


Some real inspiring song coming from two youngsters…

This song really was an inspiration to me. Some of us may think that these young men do not have any worries and must be flowing in money and fame. But many seem to crumble when difficult situations come their way, worst of all they refuse to come back up when they fall.

The Bible even says that the righteous shall fall seven times and rise up again, but some Christians even refuse to take this verse into consideration when they are burdened.

I believe as humans, trouble will ALWAYS come our way and if we do not always try to take steps, be strategic and fight our way through, life will turn into a ginormous tornado and swallow us up. Then we will be left dizzy, forever swirling in it.

So whenever u are knocked down, do not stay on the ground. Pick yourself up and NEVER SAY NEVER.

Life with and without internet at home.

I remember I would not give my Dad peace of mind all because I wanted internet at home.  I had just started the university and with the truck load of assignment given me everyday, I needed the internet badly. Before i finally had internet at home I always had to go to the internet cafe and spend long hours, paying more money for the time i spent.  It was stressful and expensive; sometimes I had to leave my work undone because the cafe was closing for the day and aside that my allowance suffered. Even at school where there is wireless internet and a computer lab was not favourable because i usually left with the school bus. Staying late after school was not convenient for me either. I had no laptop either, just an internet-less desktop computer sitting at home, but that is another story. I was determined to get internet at home at all cost after school went on holidays.

I finally have internet at home, even though I have not started school yet I use the internet almost everyday. I watch movies, download software and check my emails, even play games. I feel content and at peace with myself now that I have internet access but with the rate at which I use it I sometimes wonder if the bills it accumulates are not the same as going to cafe.  True my work will be made much easier and less stressful and i will learn loads of new things that can help me in my course. Right now I can say I am a part of the class of techie individuals since I have internet to start with. I guess I should consider the good internet will do for me and try to consume it for the money’s worth.

Well, that’s life.