A message for all…

Hey this is God, could I please have your attention?

There’s the need for intervention

Man I’m disappointed in what I’m seeing

Hey this is God, you fight each other in my name

Treat life like it’s a foolish game

Well I say, you’ve got the wrong idea

Oh what I’m asking for is love

Well I’ve seen you hurt yourselves enough

Oh I’ve been waiting on a change in you

Hey this is God, I’ve given everything to you

Oh but look at what you do to the world that I’ve created

This is God, what’s with this attitude and hate?

You grow more ignorant with age

You had it made, now look at all you’ve wasted

Oh what I’m asking for is love

Well I’ve seen you hurt yourselves enough

Oh I’ve been waiting on a change in you

I know your every thought, your heart and soul

and every move

There are so many consequences to the things you do

Oh what I’m asking for is love

Haven’t you hurt yourselves enough

Oh I’ve been waiting on a change in you

A change in you oh

This is God

By Phil Vasser – This is God


Dear God pt. II

I am all smiles Smile, why? You came to my aid when I cried out to you, you did not forsake me when I needed you most. And it isn’t like that is a surprise, because that is what you are known for; provided it is in your will You always answer my prayers.

I knew you had reassured me when I attend the Believers’ World midweek service in school. The spoke to me through the preacher that day; you said I remember who I am in You, that I am Your child, that I should declare this everyday, that I should live it, that I should be Christ-conscious, that I should be life-conscious, that I should fellowship with the Holy Spirit and that You are with me.

As I prayed, as I spoke in tongues, You put my spirit at ease and you reassured me in my spirit that You had answered me. I believed and said thank you. When I got back to my room, I was all smiles, I was at peace with myself, never to cry again, never to worry again, never to doubt again.

I learnt that day that challenges do not come the way of a child of God to destroy them, but to take them to the next level.

I thank You for that sermon that evening, and I thank You for the life of Andrea who made me come to that service. Indeed I came with a heavy heart that day but left with a clear mind and a renewed mind.

Thank you Lord, again.



Dear God,

Life these past few weeks have been tough for me, I get scared quickly and it seems I tend to almost give up when I think there is no way out.

When I have a test or an exam or even when a new topic is taught in class, I become afraid and it keeps going through my mind that I will not pass the exam or I will never understand this new topic. Nowadays I tend to cry at every little thing.

I was not like this before, I don’t like what I think I am becoming now: a quitter.

Before I always had faith in You that no matter the situation, I will turn out ok. Now even when I pray to You and proclaim that everything will be fine with me, my heart still aches out of fear that it will never be ok.

What is the reason behind this? Am I becoming a weak Christian? Is my spirit beginning to have less will-power? Or is my body beginning to take over me?

Even as I write this letter, I have a big lump in my throat because I am on the verge of tears. I am a strong person on the outside but on the inside; I see myself as a very fearful person now.

I can’t take it anymore Lord, rebuke me, smack me back to normal if You have to but please help me get away from this shell of outrageous fear. I believe in You Lord, but I don’t believe I am showing it. Come to my aid Father, take me out of this grey world I’m in and lead me into Your light. I have a lot of desires on my heart, answer them as you see fit Lord; You alone know the ones I need the most.

I trust You Lord, I love You and I know You love me more. I am not worthy yet you still care for me and are always faithful. I love You from the bottom of my heart, this letter comes from the same place too.