Dear God pt. II

I am all smiles Smile, why? You came to my aid when I cried out to you, you did not forsake me when I needed you most. And it isn’t like that is a surprise, because that is what you are known for; provided it is in your will You always answer my prayers.

I knew you had reassured me when I attend the Believers’ World midweek service in school. The spoke to me through the preacher that day; you said I remember who I am in You, that I am Your child, that I should declare this everyday, that I should live it, that I should be Christ-conscious, that I should be life-conscious, that I should fellowship with the Holy Spirit and that You are with me.

As I prayed, as I spoke in tongues, You put my spirit at ease and you reassured me in my spirit that You had answered me. I believed and said thank you. When I got back to my room, I was all smiles, I was at peace with myself, never to cry again, never to worry again, never to doubt again.

I learnt that day that challenges do not come the way of a child of God to destroy them, but to take them to the next level.

I thank You for that sermon that evening, and I thank You for the life of Andrea who made me come to that service. Indeed I came with a heavy heart that day but left with a clear mind and a renewed mind.

Thank you Lord, again.




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