“Airtel Five” by Edem Dotse.

Great story! Awesome perspective.

Flash Fiction Ghana

Glasses and Credit- those were the first two things that came into Mawuli’s mind when he woke up. He smelled red earth and felt like he hadn’t taken a shower in days. He lifted his dirt-crusted face and peered around.

It was a full minute before he realized he was lying by the side of a major road, and that was only after the rushing sound of a huge truck startled him into alertness, causing him to sit up. The blazing glare of the sun forced him to shield his face with his right hand. He had no idea where he was. He could not recollect the previous day’s events. The noise of cars whizzing by him confused him even more.

Where was he? Not too far from where he worked, he believed. Yes, he must have been going home, or somewhere in the area. Either that or he was…

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