By Richard L. Douglass (MPH, PhD), Professor at the College of Health and Human Services at Eastern Michigan University and visiting Professor at Ashesi University College in 2007, 2008, and 2012.

In January 2008 I came to Ashesi to teach Social Research Methods to the Class of 2010, who were just sophomores.  This was something of an experiment.  Few sophomores, world-wide, ever study social research methods.  In fact, I had never taught the subject to students who weren’t, at least, advanced into their third or fourth year as undergraduates.  In most places even masters degree students do not comprehensively study social research methods.  I, myself, did not study in such a course until I became a Ph.D. student. So, we set about to see if sophomores could do it; it was a test to see just how special Ashesi students really were.

I used the same textbook that I use…

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